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Dfitnutrition - Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor/Nutrition Coach. Weight Loss/Weigh Gain Expert, Roscrea, Tipperary.

My name is Dolores .  I started my fitness journey in 2011.  I began with a weight loss goal in mind and succeeded to lose 3 stone in a year. 

This was achieved by cardio training.  I then had an interest in weight training which I began in early 2012.  At the time I was quite slim and my goal was to become more toned and build muscle.

I continued to keep cardio as part of my training and this is when HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training) was becoming popular.  I then wanted to build more muscle so reduced my cardio and added in more weight training sessions.

I am a qualified Fitness Instructor.  Personal Trainer and have qualified as a Nutrition coach.

My goal is to help both males and females of all ages to become a healthier version of themselves.

My packages include;

  • Nutrition plans
  • Macro plans
  • Gym cardio workouts
  • Gym weight workouts
  • Home workouts.


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Dolores Flynn

Dolores Flynn

Dolores Flynn

Products & services

Nutrition Plans and/or Macro Plans.. Qualified Exercise Nutrition Coach with Precision Nutrition.

My nutrition plans are 6 weeks for €80 which is a detailed meal plan designed around each client.  

Check ins are every Sunday where clients send their weight and measurements along with pictures (optionally but highly recommended). 

I also offer an 8 x week plan for €90.

Marco plans are daily calories given to a client based on their information provided. 

They are broken down into training day calories and non training day calories. 

This is 50 euro a month. Minimum of 3 x months up front.

Core - I mix a combination of basic core exercises to build up strength in you core muscles. And also to help you with certain weight lifting movements.

Cardio - This includes a training method called interval training. It helps burn calories while maintaining muscle mass. Can burn more calories after your workout than during. Is time efficient and you can use minimal equipment.

Products & services

My weight training is catered for all ages.  Beginners and advanced.

It is a combination of strength and hypertrophy ( muscle building) training.  Beginners will have a greater knowledge of all things that are part of weight training. Helping them to progress to a weight training lifestyle.


Each session lasts 45 minutes and is 20 euro per session.

Teaching each of my clients about dead lifts, squats, hip trusts etc... will give them that toned/ fit/stronger body they have always wanted.

I also offer meso( monthly) training programs for the gym.